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Postage + Delivery

Postage + Delivery

The stated price does not contain transport rates, and they differ depending on the country of destination. The order form will request personal data that will be incorporated into our database in order to be able to process the order and facilitate the implementation of new purchases in In the same way, you can access your personal data and information of all your orders. Remember that personal data must be indicated with higher accuracy to avoid confusion or incidents in the shipment of the / the article (s) purchased. In addition, in the event that you request, you will receive by email and/or sms information and publications related to Once completed the order of purchase and prior to the shipment of the order you will be presented a summary identifying the purchased article, your total price (including taxes and transport) and sending data. The request must be confirmed by clicking on the button “Accept purchase”. Purchases will be paid through PayPal (payments in EUR and USD), bank transfer or credit/debit card. Other forms of payment will not be accepted. For payments with credit or debit card, the charge will take place online, i.e., in real time, through the payment of the corresponding financial institution gateway, once it has been found that the reported data are correct. Confirmed the transaction, you will be communicated through the website order number so that you can at any time and from your computer keep track of the same. Also, you will be sent an e-mail message, with a description of the request and the personal data that has been reported. If you are not receiving this message it can be due to some transient problem of communications on the network or to an error in writing the email address communicated. In both cases, it is advisable that you contact our customer service. If, at the time of the issuance of the order, our store detects that there is no stock in any of the products covered by the same, we will try to locate the product. If it is not possible, the customer will be notified immediately.

In addition, the amount charged will be credited into the next few days.

Taxes and currency

Prices on this website are shown in the currency corresponding to the selection in EUR and USD and do not include taxes. Under existing law, R&T is obliged to charge VAT to all those orders with delivery in countries address members of the European Union. The VAT is the legally corresponding type and depends on the country of destination of your order. Community VAT shall not apply for orders to destinations outside the EU, they are exempt from the same, but does apply taxes and/or fees to the chosen country. The customer has a period of 3 working days from the date on which realized the order to make the payment. The order shall not be accepted unless we receive the income. If the deadline passes, and has not received the amount, the order will be cancelled. The transport of articles bought in will be through a national or international courier company, and it will be delivered within approximately 1-5 working days in Spain, 1-5 days in Europe and 5-10 working days for the rest of the world. To avoid incidents in the delivery (wrong address, inability to find someone at home etc.), it is essential to properly complete the corresponding form; it is advisable to fill in the telephone number box. The price of transport is calculated according to the country of destination and the weight of the goods. The exact price of the transport shall be calculated to include every article in the shopping bag and will appear on the page which summarizes the purchase before the confirmation of the order through “Accept purchase” and before the introduction of the data of the credit or debit card. Sending orders to military bases or sections of mail will not be possible. Shipping costs can be modified at any time without prior notice. This change will apply from the moment that includes changes in the pages of aid and the contract published on this website. In any case, those costs that appear at the time of ordering shall be valid. All goods offered in this online shop enjoy the legal guarantee.

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