Granite Sintered Bits

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Granite Sintered Bits to work on Granite. Shank 6mm

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Product Category: Electroplated bits, Diamond Tools

Sintered Diamond Bits, Shank 6mm

To work on Granite.

Available in the following shapes:
Ref. 51-40248 Acorn 15x12mm
Ref. 51-40022 Conical 15x12mm
Ref. 51-40033 Flat Cylindrical 20x3mm
Ref. 51-40249 Flat Cylindrical 15x13mm
Ref. 51-40251 Inverted Conical 15x13mm


Sintered diamond tools main application:

1. Particularly developed for super-hard stone materials, which are difficult to process. Such as granite.

Instruction for using sintered diamond tools:

(1) Workpiece should be added cooling liquid, such as circulating water or cutting fluid.

(2) The motor power should be above 2KW.

(3) The rotation speed is 18000-24000 RPM.


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