Pneumatic Hammers Retainer

Pneumatic Hammer TROW & HOLDEN

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490,00 €
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3/4 "pneumatic hammer to work all kinds of stones.

Manufactured to connect, if desired, a retaining ring so that the tools do not fall while working. Ring and tools not included.

There are two types of ring, one is for chisels and the other is for bushings.

12.5 mm tool connection

Pneumatic Hammer 41

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290,00 €
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Pneumatic Hammer 41
Includes 1 bushing with 4 carbide teeth

Tool Connection Diameter = 10.2 mm
Speed 2,600 s.p.m.
Weight 1.60kg / 3.52lbs
Acoustic power ISO 15744 104 dBA / 116 power
Vibration ISO 8662/1 9.0 m/s²
Average Air Consumption 3.0 CFM / 1.4 L/S

Ring Retainer 1" Pneumatic hammer

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381,15 €
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Pneumatic hammer 1" with retainer for tooling with ring.
To work all kind of stones.
Connection tool 12,5 mm.

Bush hammering Pneumatic Platform

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678,00 €
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Pneumatic hammer platform with hammer 1″. Connection 15,5 mm

Filter Regulator Lubricator

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157,00 €
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Lubricator Regulator Filter, recommended to use any pneumatic equipment, such as pneumatic hammers, pneumatic grinders, etc. The filter regulates the air flow in addition to constantly lubricating the pneumatic equipment.
Specific oil should be used for pneumatic tools.

6 Mt Hose for Pneumatic Hammers

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77,00 €
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6 Mts of hose for pneumatic hammers

Air Tool Safety kit

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210,00 €
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Air Tool Safety Set. Includes:
-1 pair of reusable ear plugs.
-3 pairs of disposable earplugs
-Advantage respirator, which offers protection from stone dust
-Safety glasses
-Valeo half-finger anti-vibration gloves

Oil for pneumatic hammers 200ml

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18,15 €
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Special oil for pneumatic hammers. 200ml

Mini Oilmist lubricator

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78,65 €
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Useful oilmist lubricator for mobile work with e.g. light and medium-heavy chiselling hammers. If the distance between an oiler and a pneumatic machine is over ca.5m (16ft) the oil will condense inside the hose. This model can easily be connected in short distance to the tool. Complete with nipple connector and quick-release coupling.
Size without connectors. D.39x72mm
Max input pressure: 6 bar

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