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Rotary Bushing Chisel

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Steel rotary bushing chisel made in France. Connection 12,5 mm and head measure 25 mm.

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Product Category: Bushing chisels, Rotating bushing chisel

Use: the rotating bushhead is mounted on light hammers or chisels.

Material used: it is suitable for bushing limestone, marble and reconstituted. Use on granite is prohibited.

Advantages: The absence of shock allows the bushing of thin plates. The yield is 5 to 10 times higher than traditional manual labor. The very regular finish obtained corresponds to the "hand finish".

Instructions for use: The best result is obtained by positioning the hammer at 60º relative to the work surface. After passing parallel passes, it is recommended to quickly perform a series of passes intersecting the previous passes at 90º, which eliminates imperfections and unifies the finish.

 Our rotary bushing chisels are of 12,5 mm connection and 25mm diameter (head).

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