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Tools for sculpting stone

Tools for sculpting stone

Sculpting stone is the art of creating sculptures, normally with manual tools, from blocks of stone. This practice has been carried out for centuries upon centuries, practically as long as humans have inhabited the earth. If you’re just getting started in this world, would you like to know which are the most commonly used tools for sculpting stone?

Basic tools for working with stone

There are various tools for sculpting stone, but in general, these are the most frequently used by sculptors:

  • Pitching Chisel. This is the basic tool for smoothing down rock – in other words, to get rid of the coarser parts of a material that is intended to be polished.
  • Point Chisel. These may have different thicknesses and are usually also used in the smoothing-down process.
  • Chisel.. The chisel is a basic tool used to cut small surfaces and shape the sculpture.
  • Hammer. This is used to break and sculpt the stone by hitting other tools, such as chisels.
  • Mallet. A hammer in the form of a club.
  • Bell Hammer. A hammer with a bell-shaped end for hitting other tools.
  • Tracer. Used to create straight lines on the stone.
  • Toothed chisel. This is a tool whose structure is based on a paintbrush, but featuring cuts with separated teeth, key to modelling stone.
  • Wedges. Separating wedges are used to split large stones more easily.
  • Bush hammer. This tool is used to create rougher-looking surfaces.

Everything you need to know about dry stone at Rock&Tools

Now you know the basic tools for sculpting stone, are you ready to get started? At Rock&Tools we sell various tools for working with stone, providing only the best brands. On our website, you’ll find a wide catalogue of the best tools to cut stone – but if you need more information about our tools, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to offer our advice. Join our community! Follow us here, on our Art Space and on our social media.

Last modified on: July 09, 2021

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