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The main tools used for sculpting with stone

The main tools used for sculpting with stone

The tools used in the world of sculpture have continued to evolve ever since they first appeared in prehistoric times. They have been perfected over time in order to provide more precision to allow artists to create finer detail and a better end result in their works. If you have just begun dabbling in this exciting form of artistic expression and need to learn about the best tools for sculpting in stone, keep reading!

What tools are used by sculptors?

As you would imagine, sculptors will choose particular tools depending on the specific tasks involved in each project and the level of detail that is required. Knowledge is always power, no matter what area we work in, and it is precisely for this reason that it is so important for an artist to be fully aware of all the different possibilities available to them to fulfil new objectives, set new goals for themselves and continue to achieve more and more professional results. We will now show you the essential tools for sculpting in stone.


Chisels are currently the most commonly used tool for carving stone. They have been used since prehistoric times, although they have obviously improved significantly over time. Chisels are a manual tool that are used to chip away at stone to remove small pieces at a time, so that the artist can produce the form that they want one bit at a time. There are also other supporting tools used alongside the chisel, such as hammers or mallets, which we will talk about next. The chisel can be used for a variety of different tasks, and as such there are carving chisels, lettering chisels and rounded chisels.

Chisels are made up of four parts: the head, the handle, the wedge and the cutting edge. The wide variety of models available can create confusion regarding which type to choose for each case. High-quality chisels have a long enough handle to allow you to hold it correctly in your hand, but not so long that it prevents you from moving freely, making it more difficult to handle.

Mallets and hammers

As we mentioned previously, mallets and hammers are essential tools for working with stone, as they provide the necessary force to strike it with a strong impact. As many of you will already know, hammers are made up of a metal head and a handle for directing the impact (generally made of wood). Sculptors will have a good understanding of all the different hammers available to them: round hand hammers, hand bush hammers, lump hammers, splitting hammers, toothed stone axes, trimming hammers, carving picks or crandall hammers. But we will of course always provide all the necessary information to those who are still unsure about all the tools that are available to them.

Pointed chisels

You can use pointed chisels to work with stone in a much more precise manner, and thus achieve a better finish. Carbide pointed chisels, for example, provide maximum resistance during the carving process, a low level of deformation and increased durability. This helps to produce work that is high-impact but also with fine detail and/or a great finish. We have a variety of different pointed chisels at Rock & Tools, so that you can always find the one that best suits the work you would like to carry out.

Diamond cutting and saw blades

Diamond cutting and saw blades are specially designed for cutting various types of stone. They are specifically made using diamond particles, a material that is well-known for its durability and abrasive qualities. These properties allow them to cut very quickly and precisely. The edge of these blades may be segmented (for stone, brick or granite), continuous (for tile or marble) or turbo (for tile, marble or stone, among other materials).

What should you take into account before working with stone?

In addition to the materials that we've just mentioned, there is a whole world of tools that you may find useful and necessary for producing your own pieces of art. You can discover all of them on our website. That being said, before sculpting whatever you have in mind from stone, remember that one of the most important steps you should take first of all is to measure and mark the stone that you are going to work with properly, to avoid any mistakes later. For this task, calipers, pencils and spirit levels are some of the tools that you should also have available. And protection is also obviously very important, so ear plugs, gloves and safety glasses should also be an essential part of any safety set, for both professionals and amateurs.

We hope that you have found this article useful and that if you decide to create your own sculptures, you will have all the tools you need to form your own pieces of art. Let us know if you have any queries. We are always happy to help, provide assistance and share our knowledge with you.

Last modified on: February 24, 2020

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