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The art of sculpture at home

The art of sculpture at home

After the confinement, we're sure that you're more keen than ever to try out some new activities, to discover new passions or to simply improve the decoration of your home by adding an artistic and personal touch. Maybe sculpture could be that new hobby to help you develop your creative side and keep you entertained over long periods of time. We're going to tell you why we think you should give sculpting a go at home. Read on to find out more!

How to make sculptures at home

For a simple way to make a sculpture, the easiest solution is to make a mould out of clay or plaster. These materials are more pliable, so it's easier to add details.

Next, choose a block of stone in a size that is slightly larger than the final sculpture you're looking to end up with. Measure the proportions, then take the measurements of the plaster mould and transfer them to the block of stone. You can then move onto the roughing out, which involves removing large pieces of the block to end up with a shape and size similar to the final sculpture.

Finally, once you've formed the general shape of your sculpture, you can now begin to add more detail and refine it using more precise tools. If you'd like to learn more about how to make a marble sculpture step by step, you can visit our blog post where we discuss this topic in more detail.

Ideas for simple sculptures you can make at home

 If you're looking for simple ideas so you can make your own sculptures at home, we've put together a short list with a few simple suggestions suitable for beginners. Let's take a look!

A bust without too much detail, perfect for beginners

If you're a true art lover, you've surely noticed that busts form a key part of practically every museum's collection. Busts are a representation of a human being from the head down to around the middle of the torso and they usually use a lot of detail to depict features, such as the eyes, nostrils, ears and even the hair, which is why they can be difficult for a beginner. That being said, what we'd suggest is that you create a bust where you can make out the head, neck, width of the shoulders and how the shape tapers down to the waist, but without too much detail. So you'd basically end up with the external silhouette of a person. How does that sound?

A simple shape, like a piece of fruit

Choose a simple shape, such as an apple or a pear, then select a block with the measurements that you'd like for your next decorative piece. Do you have it?

Then let's get going! If it seems too complicated to achieve the round shape of most fruits, don't worry, as you can just leave this until you've gained more experience. What we propose in this case is that you “smooth out” its sides. Instead of forming a piece of fruit in a typical curvilinear shape, give it more edges to deconstruct its form and give it a more creative appearance.

A bird, for those beginners who'd like to try something a bit more daring

If the first two ideas seem a bit too simple for you, how about trying something a bit more advanced. You can choose a bird that you'd most like to sculpt (or that seems the easiest to mould) and also decide how much detail you'd like to add. If you're just starting out, we recommend that you just try to outline the main profile. If you'd like to push yourself a bit more, you could try to provide more detail by adding some texture to the wings, making the beak more detailed or carving the eyes. And of course, the more experienced you are, the bigger and more ambitious you can make your bird. If you'd really like to show off your skills and try something more challenging, the perfect option would be a peacock or an eagle.

Tools for making sculptures at home

Would you like to make your own sculptures at home? If so, we hope that these ideas have inspired you to start moulding and producing your next masterpieces to take pride of place in your home and give it an extra special touch.

At Rock & Tools, we have a wide range of tools that are perfect for both amateur sculptors and professionals. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, and we would be delighted to help you with whatever you need.

Last modified on: June 10, 2020

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