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Interesting facts you might not know about Stonehenge

Interesting facts you might not know about Stonehenge Featured

Today, the mystery of Stonehenge continues to fascinate many thousands of people across the world. No one knows exactly how this archaeological artefact came to England, nor what its original use was, yet it is one of the most visited sites, located just north of Salisbury, and one of the greatest tourist attractions in the United Kingdom. Want to learn some interesting facts about Stonehenge?

Its construction lasted centuries

Although it has been exhaustively studied, it is not yet known exactly when constructed started, although what we do know is that it appears to have been built in several phases. It is believed that the first phase began in the Middle Neolithic period (more than 5000 years ago) and that work was carried out intermittently until around 1600 BC, when its construction began again in more depth – which is when the distribution of some rocks was changed, giving way to its current form.

It is made up of almost 100 stones

It is composed of just under a hundred rocks of different sizes, organised in circles. In the inner circle, the rocks have an average size of 4 tonnes, while the outer circle is composed of rocks weighing between 25-30 tonnes.

Its purpose is not known

Although many geologists and historians have tried to work out the purpose of Stonehenge, what’s for sure is that no one has ever come up with a 100%-certain explanation. Some say that it was an astronomical calendar, while others believe it had a religious purpose for the celebration of ceremonies and burials, and there are even some who say it had a medicinal purpose.

It belongs to the British Crown

For a long time, Stonehenge belonged to the Antrobus family, but in 1915, as the last representative of the family line died without an heir, the land was put up for sale in a public auction. It was purchased by Cecil Chubb, but, after three years, he gifted it to the British Crown on the condition that it was preserved and kept open to the public.

A souvenir

This little fact might surprise you: until 1920, visitors were allowed to take home fragments of the rocks, and until 1977, visitors could touch and even climb on the stones. Wow! Today, this is all prohibited as a result of the increasing erosion suffered by the monument.

Tools for sculpting stone

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Last modified on: November 06, 2021

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