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The advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic tools for stone

The advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic tools for stone Featured

Pneumatic tools are those that make use of an air compressor for their operation. Among our wide range of tools for sculpting stone, you’ll find both manual and pneumatic tools. We’ve noted that, at times, our customers can have certain questions about the differences between these, and that’s why, today, we’re going to let you know all about the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic tools.

Firstly, and in general, pneumatic tools are larger than manual tools. Pneumatic tools are very lightweight and manageable, but – of course – given the simplicity of manual tools, these are even lighter.

On the other hand, and as you might expect, pneumatic tools are more powerful than their manual counterparts. Of course, power is one of the most important aspects to consider when deciding which tool to buy, as well as the cut or shape, size, and quality. Likewise, pneumatic tools are ideal for very repetitive work. If you use a manual tool, you’ll need to exercise pressure by hammering with another tool to sculpt the stone. However, this is not the case with pneumatic tools, which make the work much easier – especially when dealing with large areas for which you want to work quickly and easily.

However, and logically, pneumatic tools are more expensive than manual tools. As a result, pneumatic tools are recommended for professionals and all those who expect to be able to recoup their investment. For beginners, it’s better to get started with manual tools while you learn how to sculpt stone and, over time, you may wish to invest in pneumatic tools.

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Have you found this post useful? At Rock&Tools we have extensive experience in the sale of tools for working with stone, so if you have any questions, we’ll be delighted to help.  On our site, you’ll find a comprehensive catalogue of all the best tools for sculpting stone. In fact, our blog offers a host of information if you want to get started in this world. If you have any questions, get in touch with us for advice. Join our community! You can follow us here, on our Art Space and on our social media.

Last modified on: September 08, 2021

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