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Dry-stone walling in the Valencian Community

Dry-stone walling in the Valencian Community

The art of dry-stone walling – or the art of stone construction without the use of any binding mortar – as you know, has been included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage for a few years now. Would you like to find out where you can see these constructions in the Valencian Community?

Today, a few of these constructions can still be seen in the Valencian Community – in various states of conservation. In the province of Valencia itself, there are two routes on which you’ll be able to spot a few of these constructions.

One of these can be found in Yátova – this route is very accessible for all ages and abilities, and runs along the SL-CV 165 footpath for about nine kilometres. On this path, you’ll see constructions previously used for woodland activities. The other can be found in Enguera, one of the town’s in which we can see the most constructions in this style. Known as the Cucos de la Sierra de Enguera, these are characteristic elements of the agricultural landscape. To reach the latter, a 15-km route is available – setting off from Adene.

However, when it comes to provinces, Castellón stands out above the other two. The northern regions in particular offer up some great examples of this type of architecture. For example, in Vilafranca you’ll find a museum and a selection of routes dedicated to dry-stone walling. However, there are plenty of other municipalities in Castellón featuring dry-stone constructions – like Vinaroz, Tirig, Catí or Albocàsser, among others.

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Last modified on: August 13, 2021

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