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Must-see contemporary sculptures

Must-see contemporary sculptures

Although we love to remember and praise classical works, it cannot be denied that contemporary artists have also left their mark through their sculptures. Today, we hope to pay tribute to some of these works worthy of admiration and eternal contemplation. Want to discover them with us? Here are a few must-see contemporary sculptures.

Contemporary sculptures: Guardians of Time, United Kingdom

This piece was created by Manfred Kielnhofer, who was always fascinated by the human being as a model and, at the same time, as a source of potential danger to the rest of society. In his sculpture, we can see several figures reminiscent of monks, as well as the reflection of the exploration, consideration and discussion of states of being and the current and historic sensibilities of his social environment. In other words, his work seeks to convey the idea that, in his opinion, there is a higher power always watching over us.

The Appennine Colossus, Italy

This sculpture by Giambologna almost appears to emerge from the rocks that once surrounded it. This piece, which is truly impressive, is half man and half mountain. It depicts a god, holding the head of a monster arising from the fountain. The most striking element of the sculpture is how it blends with its surroundings, with the nature of the park in which it is located (Villa di Pratolino) and how it organically reproduces its forms.

Octopus Attacking a Rook, England

This piece by Leigh Dyer honours the city of Hastings, which has a long history of chess playing and is home to a legendary chess tournament. In it, we see a Kraken – a mythical octopus – capture a black rook, thereby paying tribute to the thrilling and intense games of chess that take place in the town.

Sculpture, by Fabien Mérelle

This sculpture by Mérelle, only 40 years old, presents an elephant on top of a man, offering an image reminiscent of the circus. His works, whether drawings or sculptures, are always inspired by everyday life and human relations, though always with a touch of irony or sarcasm. Beyond this, through his work he also presents sinister spaces and impossible relations – although they almost seem real.

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Last modified on: July 14, 2021

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